Air Conditioner Problems How to Solve?

Air conditioners have become a necessity in almost all regions of the world and more so with regions which tend to have extreme climates. It is almost impossible to imagine a life without air conditioners for some classes of people. However, along with the advantages of these electronic appliances there comes a whole package of maintenance. Some of the electronic appliances are not very delicate and hardly need maintenance. But things like air conditioners need to be looked after. That is when troubleshooting air conditioner problems come into the picture. Here is a lowdown on some of the common problems and solutions related to air conditioners.

Air Conditioner Problems

How to Solve Air Conditioner Problems

Problem 1

One of the most basic things that one encounters, with regards to air conditioner problems, is that it does not turn on automatically. In that case may be you need to check the thermostat settings. It should be set to ‘cool’ and the temperature set should be well below the ambient temperature. Also take a look at the electrical connections and plug for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. You can also make sure if the furnace power switch is turned on, and outdoor condenser power switch is on.

Problem 2

Let’s move on to another common air conditioner problem, the faulty functioning of the blower unit. If the air conditioner is not producing enough air flow inside the dwelling, maybe the blower needs a cleanup. The unit is located in the main air conditioner housing, which is fixed outside your home. Further, see if you can find any bent or damaged blades, which can impact the functioning of the blower. If possible get the hang of the duct system, running from the ac unit to the vents in the house, in the attic or basement. If the ducts are pinched they will have to be repaired and cleaning the air conditioner will be a good idea.

Problem 3

Sometimes you can encounter a strange problem in your air conditioner, that the air ducts create a peculiar sound. Quite a few cooling and heating appliances have ducts which are made of metal. These immediately conduct noise from the air handling unit. For troubleshooting air conditioner problems like this, ask a heating contractor to insert a flexible insulation duct work between the air conditioning system and the duct work runs.

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In addition, there can be dirty or faulty air conditioner filters, cooling problems and air handler problems, which can arise, when you are trying to know about how to troubleshoot air conditioner problems.

If these simple solutions do not work while troubleshooting air conditioner problems, you will have to call a professional for getting the unit checked and repaired.


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