6 Tips for Speeding Up Battery Charging on Android Phone

Tips on How to Quickly Charge an Android Cellphone – A day without using a smartphone feels empty, how can not almost every line of our life definitely need a smartphone, be it Android or iPhone. Never mind the smartphone with a myriad of features, ordinary cell phones cannot be separated because of communication that must be guarded, be it a telephone or just a text. Nowadays, it seems that everyone needs a smartphone, even if you look at the facts on the market, hundreds of millions of smartphones have been sold and used by people all over the world.

Smartphone itself is a smart phone in which there are supporting components starting from the processor, LCD, memory, RAM and of course all of these can be run if there is a battery embedded in it.

When the battery power shows a position below 15%, the smartphone also gives a signal so that we as users quickly charge. Indeed, this charging activity is quite disturbing for us, especially when the smartphone is being used for important purposes. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for a single charge, even a smartphone that is equipped with fast charging also takes at least 1 hour when it is fully charged.

But there is a quick way to charge or charge the smartphone itself, the tips this time also actually depend on the type of smartphone. If the smartphone is fast charging, the battery charging is very fast automatically. So what are the tips for speeding up charge on an Android cellphone , consider some of the following tips.

Tips for Speeding Up Android Battery Charging

Using the Original Charger

Using the original charger that you get when buying a new smartphone is the best way to speed up the battery charging process, in addition to being fast, the current or power that is issued by the charger is in accordance with the specifications on the smartphone. So besides being fast, using an original charger also helps keep the battery in its best condition.

With a battery that is durable and long lasting, it can certainly help you minimize the cost of damage to buy a new battery. Therefore, try to keep the default charger not damaged or lost.

Enter Airplane Mode

Flight mode is generally used by users when boarding an airplane. Because by activating this one mode, almost all connectivity will be broken, such as network, wifi, bluetooth and other connectivity. With this airplane mode, the smartphone is safe and does not interfere with the connectivity of other electronic items.

But apart from being used when boarding an airplane, this airplane mode can also be activated when we charge the battery. Because with all connectivity being lost, the power output by the battery is minimal and the charging process can be even faster. Just try this method, but if there are important things such as requiring an internet network connection, we don’t think we need to activate this mode.

Turn off unused features

Apart from activating airplane mode, you can also turn off features that are not in use, such as GPS for example. Besides that, you can also close all applications that are not in use. With the combination of airplane mode and turning off features, we think the process of charging Android smartphones can be faster.

Don’t Use Android When Charging

Now these are tips that are difficult to follow, especially when conditions are needed, then charging while playing HP cannot be avoided. But if you can charge without using a smartphone why should we use it? because silencing the smartphone will make the charging process faster and safer.

Charging your cellphone while streaming YouTube videos or playing games is an action that is not recommended. Because in addition to charging for a long time, doing this can cause the smartphone to overheat quickly.

Turn off the Smartphone

The best solution that can be done to speed up smartphone charging is to turn off the smartphone, because by turning off the smartphone, all things related to the smartphone will stop completely. Smartphones also only focus on filling the battery fully.

I think turning off the smartphone when charging the battery, it needs to be done every now and then. Because in addition to charging faster, it can rest the smartphone for a while.

Don’t Charger Using PC or Fake Charge

The last tip that maybe a lot of people do. Indeed, we can charge using PCs, laptops and notebooks. However, the time needed is very long, because the power released is quite a bit. In addition, do not use fake charger, in the sense that charges are sold at low prices regardless of quality.

Sometimes many people buy a charge without seeing the power that is issued, sometimes too small and some even too big. If we lose the original charge, try to buy the original charge or a similar product with the same power. This is to minimize damage to the battery.

Charging the smartphone battery is a daily activity that cannot be left behind. Therefore, make sure that the charging is done of quality and does not damage the battery. So that’s a review that we can share with readers, hopefully it can be useful. Spread this correct android battery charging tips article if it is useful. How do use find my iphone

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