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The Best Android Educational Learning Application – Smartphones have now become a daily necessity, ranging from adults to small children. It’s no secret that toddlers really like to play. And in this modern era, children already know a lot about smartphones, even the smartphones that are used are quite good and no less good than adult smartphones. On various occasions, of course we often see children playing gadgets and what children do most often is playing funny games.

Basically giving smartphones to small children is not a good thing, because it is feared that children will be passive and inactive in moving. We certainly know that young children are better off to be active to accelerate the process of growth and health later when they are older. But there is nothing wrong with giving smartphones to children with the aim of making them active in thinking, especially in completing games on smartphones. Android Games for Kids

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Therefore, in addition to using gadgets to play games, parents should also be able to use the children’s learning media to help their growth, provide the child with gadgets with applications that have learning content. This is very important because it can foster creativity in the baby. The goal is that children stimulate their thinking power for better growth. Immediately, we shared various educational android applications for children which you can download for free on the Playstore, although there are several paid applications, especially for buying items in it.

14 Best Android Educational Applications For Children

Marbel Learns Colors

This one application is perfect for children aged 2-6 years. Learning to recognize colors from a young age gives children creativity and insight when they go to school. in order to understand good colors and when the child gets older they can be smarter and smarter at distinguishing colors, in this application all colors are complete and there are sounds that are very interesting for the child to be able to stay interested.

Learn to Read

This application is perfect for children because it includes educational facilities so that children can recognize letters well. The letter Abc is certainly very suitable for the child. From learning the spelling of letters A to Z, everything is complete in this application. Do not miss the simple games that are fun and enjoyable for the child. Which in addition to increasing children’s intelligence, the game also entertains the baby.

Marbel Learns to Write

Improving children’s writing skills is important because this ability is often learned in schools in the future. Mothers can provide good learning through this application because there are many variants of interesting writings that make the child even more fond of writing. Of course this application is suitable as a medium for educating children at the vulnerable age of 2 years and over.

Complete Study Package

Unlike other applications , this educational application for children is complete and complete, because it contains various types of learning, from recognizing letters, reading, counting, recognizing Arabic letters to learning the Koran. This application will increase knowledge for the child because children prefer things that are interesting and make them comfortable. In this application, besides learning general science, religious knowledge is also introduced, of course it is very helpful and useful.

Learning English for Children

Basically, small children aged 2-6 years are very easy to learn new things, including language. Many children are still young but their English is fluent. For mothers and mothers this application is suitable to improve children’s knowledge in the field of English. In this application there are lots of interesting things that don’t make children bored quickly. Because there are many topics ranging from learning objects to writing letters and numbers.

Marbel Learns Shola

Given that prayer is an obligation that cannot be lived by anyone, we as mothers need to teach the correct science of prayer to our children. We have to give the right example to children about prayer, because if we pray 5 times a day, the child will think about joining the prayer. In every formal education there must be teachings of religious education, now if children are also taught through this application it is very suitable to train prayer movements because learning religion is better as early as possible. That way the child is able to apply prayers properly when the time comes.

Marbel Learns to Count

Apart from learning the basics of letters, numbers and colors, the child is also very important to be equipped with the ability to count. In this application, children are directed to count objects around with cute pictures of animals and flowers, because children prefer fun things that are considered comfortable and fun.


As the name implies, this application offers a lot of stories, a large collection of unique stories for children and there are sounds and images too. This application is suitable for mothers to be able to control their children so that they love reading rather than playing things that are not useful.


This application is similar to a game in which there are games about animals so that the child gets to know more about animals in a creative and interactive way. The feature in this application is very unique, where the child will be asked to digitally rub the animal via the smartphone screen. This application is intended for children so that the child is more and more flexible about the animals around him. Yes, even though there are some animals that are only found in zoos.

Coloring Book

Coloring is an activity that your little one likes the most. Coloring picture books may be commonplace and often done, but coloring pictures on a smartphone screen is simpler because it doesn’t use up a lot of paper even though in reality it’s better to paint on paper. This application certainly adds to the creativity of the child and to train thinking and can see the beauty of colors, this application has more than 200 images that make the child even more enthusiastic about coloring.

Picsart for Kids

This application is intended for children, where in essence there are features to produce nice and funny images. Drawing makes children more creative, and in this application children can draw very easily. This application also has a teacher guidance feature that will guide the child to learn well and of course be more enthusiastic.

Kind Zoo Animal Sound & Photo

As the name implies, this one application is perfect for introducing children to animals. Get to know animal sounds and animal pictures there is also this kids zoo animal application. Children will become curious about the sounds and images of these animals, with cute pictures, children will certainly like this educational application.


This application provides a wide selection of interesting books, yups is very suitable for children at reading ages such as 4-7 years, even more than that. With the availability of many features in it, children will be enthusiastic about reading and make reading their hobby.

Those are some applications that you can download on your smartphone as educational material for your beloved child. Just take the benefits from this article, before downloading the application above, make sure your quota is sufficient. Hopefully this can be useful and thank you for reading to the reviews of the Android Kids Learning Application .


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